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Horse Riding, Barcelona

Horse Riding Through The Stunning
Catalan Mountains


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Horse Riding, Barcelona

What's Included

  • 3 hour trek through the Catalan Mountains
  • Rustic lunch of meats, breads, cheese and wine
  • Local guide
  • All necessary equipment
    3 Hours
    Minimum 4 People
    10am - 6pm
    Sports Wear

Ride on your new best friend through the mountains outside Barcelona, seeing and learning all about the local culture.

Trek Geography! Your three hour horse riding trek will take place in the Catalan mountains only twenty minutes outside the city centre. This beautifully rustic location experiences warm summers and cold winters, giving it its truly unique Spanish feel. Due to this you can be in a different time, while only twenty minutes from modern day.

Trek History! On the tour your guide will lead you through the history of the local area. He takes you all the way from pre historic Catalans, through the medieval period. Then up to the Spanish inquisition, and how the civil war affected the area, all the way up to modern day.

Trek Lunch! Not only will you experience the beauty and majesty of the Catalan countryside, moreover a lunch of local cuisine is included for you to have a truly authentic experience. As a result, local cheeses, wines and meats are all on offer for you to see, smell and taste all things Catalan.

Trek Group! The intimate trip designed for 2-5 people, is a lovely journey not only for you but the horses too. Everyone has their own horse and has a great lunch as well. It is a calm, relaxing and luxurious activity, perfect for any group who want to get to know the local area in all its beauty.

Trek Animal! The horses are bit-less and shoeless. Due to this, the horses to remain more calm, relaxed and enjoy the trip more. We are proud to say that we are the only company in Barcelona that offers this natural style to horse riding.

So book with us today and enjoy a truly authentic experience that you will never forget.

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