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Paella Recipe

  SANGRIA Tools required: A jug / pitcher. A wooden spatchulla. Thirst. Ingredients: Fruit, washed and chopped (orange, lemon, apple, strawberries, lime, kiwi, peach…). Remember: the previous night you can make ice cubes with them) Brown sugar (1tblsp) Brandy (or Cointreau or Triple Sec) and Rhum (1,2,3,4,5,6,6,6 secs 😉 Red wine (1/3 lt.) Orange juice (1/3 lt.) Lemon soda, or juice (a dash) Ice. Procedure: Place the ice cubs in the jug. Add the red wine and remember the luxury of Spain when using a decent 2euros red wine!). Add the orange (or pineapple) juice. Generously add Brandy & Rhum (count until 6ish!) Top up with a dash of Lemon Fanta or ½ natural lemon juice. Mix with the spatchulla. ...

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