Stag Activities Series: Adrenaline Junkie


Stags ask us all the time: What are the best stag party activities? We’re experts in the Barcelona stag party. In our Stag Activities Series, we’re compiling lists of different types of stag activities for your stag weekend. Enjoy!

The Adrenaline Junkie

You know him, the guy with a parachute-sized twinkle in his eye. He just got back from running across Australia carrying skis, a kayak, and his dog, stopping only to wrestle alligators and battle kangaroos. . The Rock fears him, Chuck Norris respects him, and now he’s getting married. What activities should you have in his stag party?

Spain Games

You’ll want to start with humor and adventure. Unique to our company in Barcelona, this two-hour excursion is the hottest new activity Europe-wide. Travel Bar staff will take you and your fellow stags to compete against each other in a variety of crazy games. These include a wipeout machine, podium fighting, sumo wrestling and a giant slide. Transfers to and from the Barcelona city centre, as well as snacks, drinks, and beer are all available upon request.

Spain Games, Travel Bar

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The adrenaline junkie stag definitely needs a little friendly paintball competition. There’s only one question. Would you rather compete against your fellow stags in the abandoned Spanish village, the Jungle, or the camouflaged battle fields?

Paintball, Travel Bar

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Bubble Football

Friendly competition can only get more intense when you add man-sized bubbles.

Bubble Football Travel Bar

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FC Barcelona Tickets

Barcelona is home to one of the best football teams in the world. There is little that is more manly and exciting than watching a game. Let us treat you to some tickets when you add it to your stag weekend here.

FC Barcelona Travel Bar

Yacht Sailing

Hey, didn’t your adventuring stag just get off a boat from somewhere? Make him feel right at home by taking him sailing on a yacht in the Mediterranean. Bar included.

Yacht, Travel Bar

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Kayaking and Snorkeling

Take your stags on an adventure along the Mediterranean coastline. Here, they’ll kayak and then swim among the fishes–bring your wetsuit! (Just kidding. They’ll be provided).

Kayak, Travel Bar

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Go Karting

Everyone needs to let off a little steam at this go-karting track. Your adventurous stag party can join the Formula 1 and Moto GP drivers who have raced at this multi-million euro track.

Go Karting Travel Bar

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James Bond himself would be satisfied with this mix of stag activities. Your adrenaline junkie stags will love this unforgettable weekend!


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