The Wedding Toast: Tips to Impress


Attention Best Men!

The wedding is almost here and you’re about to finally see your friend off to his new life. But wait! Your biggest performance has yet to come. If you’re starting to sweat the wedding toast, stop. Read below for our tips to make a great wedding toast.

The Great Wedding Toast

Traditionally, the best man gives a toast to the bride and groom during the wedding reception. The best toasts are three to four minutes long and incorporate humor and emotion. They give the wedding guests a sense of the greater story behind the romance they’re watching unfold and also include everyone in wishing the best for the bride and groom.

As the best man, you’ve been chosen to tell that story. So let’s talk about how to write an amazing wedding toast.

To Begin

Try to start your toast by breaking the ice–usually with a short joke. Many times just one comment will be enough: try saying something like, “Well, (bride’s name) sure is in for a wild time” or “Congratulations, (groom’s name), you’ve finally convinced her to take you”. Don’t make a joke that makes fun of the bride unless she’s one of your best friends, too.

If you don’t feel comfortable with a joke, it’s okay to start by making a comment about how thankful you are that everyone is here to share in this celebration with you.


Your wedding toast should not be longer than four minutes. In essence, if it takes you longer than that to say what you need to say, you’re not saying it well. Feel free to tell a short story (keyword: short) about the bride and groom. It could be about how they met, how you remember the groom telling you she was the one, or a funny story about the groom before they met.

The Big Finish

Your wedding toast should end with best wishes for the bride and groom. What are you hoping for them in the future? Make sure to thank everyone for coming, and then finish by raising your glass and toast. Here are a couple of ideas: “to (bride and groom’s names), may your future be as bright as you are”, or “to (bride and groom’s names), may your love grow more and more”

Speaking Tips

  • Use the microphone that the DJ (or someone else) has been using so you know there won’t be any PA problems.
  • If you’re nervous, remember: everyone is having a wonderful time at the party. They’re happy to hear whatever you have to say!
  • Try not to walk behind anything that’ll block you from everyone’s view.
  • Remember to speak clearly and slowly so that everyone can understand you.
  • Slow down even more at the end of the toast so everyone knows to raise their glasses with you!

Practice Makes Perfect

Write your toast (preferably in an outline style, but word-for-word is okay, too) on a piece of paper. Before the wedding, make sure to practice your wedding toast in front of a mirror at least one time–this will help you identify any parts that you tend to stumble over or struggle with.

Enjoy Yourself!

Remember: this is his big send-off! Have fun writing this and enjoy yourself giving it.

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