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Terms and Conditions - Travel Bar


Deposits and Payments –

Unless otherwise specified all deposits are non-refundable in the event that a client cancels their booking for any reason.
Unless otherwise specified final payments are due a minimum of 28 days before the activity date. If payment is not received the event will be cancelled and no refund will be given for any deposits or partial payments made previously.
All prices quoted are in Euros. The company accepts no responsibility for fees, charges or conversion costs that the client may incur during the payment of any part of their deposit or balance.

Cancellations/Amendments by Clients-

Unless otherwise specified no amendments or alterations may be made to a booking less than 28 days before the event. This includes amendments to the name of any guest on the booking.

Any cancellations must be sent immediately by the client via fax, letter or email to Travel Brilliant S.L on the email address [email protected]. Please note that should you cancel your activity before your cut-off date, any payments made online or over the telephone prior to your booking cancellation will be refunded individually back to a client/s and an administration charge of €10pp will be deducted from the amount paid. The booking deposit is non-refundable.

Refunds will not apply in the following circumstances; war or threat of war, riots, civil unrest, terrorism, industrial disputes, natural or nuclear disaster, fire, technical problems or any other occurrence beyond our control.

Cancellations by Us –

In the event that it is necessary to cancel an activity due to circumstances beyond our control we will do our upmost to offer a replacement activity. In the case that the client accepts this replacement activity no further refund will be payable unless this has been specifically agreed with ourselves in writing.

In the event that it becomes necessary to cancel an event and we are unable to offer a replacement or the client is not happy to accept the replacement offered we will offer a refund for the activity. In such circumstances no further compensation beyond the refund will be payable.

Due to circumstances beyond our control it may on rare occasions be necessary to alter the meeting point or venue for an activity. Alteration to a meeting point or venue does not constitute cancellation or alteration of an activity and the company will not be liable to pay any compensation in these circumstances.

Failure to show for an event –

In the event that you do not arrive for an activity at the specified time, we are under no obligation to amend the timing of the activity. If a customer misses part or all of an activity due to late arrival no refund will be offered.

Venues and Meeting Points –

Due to circumstances beyond our control it may be necessary to alter the meeting point or venue for activities.

Loss/Damage –

Customers are responsible for their own personal belongings and should ensure they take out sufficient Travel insurance to cover any loss or damage to their person belongings. The company takes no responsibility for any damage to/loss of personal belongings at any stage during your trip.

Data Protection –

All client information is stored in a password protected booking system which can only be accessed by our staff. Your data will not be passed to any third party or used for marketing purposes without your prior consent.

Client Behaviour –

If client behaviour is deemed to be unacceptable we reserve the right to cancel the event. This includes but is not limited to – excessive drunkenness, verbal or psychical abuse of staff, failure to adhere to safety instructions, failure to respect the rights of other clients or groups. In circumstances where such behaviour makes it necessary to cancel an event no refunds will be given.

Client Behaviour with Regards to Accommodation bookings –

Clients should be aware that other guests will be staying in the same block and that given the city centre location there will always be neighbours in close proximity. For this reason, there are behaviour guidelines issued by the apartment management relating to excessive noise and respect for other guests. Failure to respect these rules may lead to part or all of the groups deposit being retained. In extreme cases the group may be asked to vacate the accommodation. (This will be at the discretion of the apartment management) In such cases no refund will be offered, and it will be the groups responsibility to find alternative accommodation.
Relating to this, if groups arrive excessively drunk at the accommodation they may not be permitted to check in.

Corona Virus Update-


We are keeping a close eye on the situation, listening to advice from our local and national authorities, as well as the UK government. We are also speaking with ACAVe (a union of travel agencies), of which we are a member.

The UK Foreign Office has not advised against travel to any European country or region other than Italy. Therefore if any customers wish to cancel they will be subject to our normal terms and conditions (no refunds after final payment made).

We advise customers to contact their travel insurance for advice, and we are happy to speak with insurers to confirm of any bookings.