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  • City Walking Tour
  • Paella Cooking Class
  • Kayaking & Snorkeling
  • Tapas & Flamenco Evening
    2 Days
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2 Day Barcelona Adventure

There is so much to see and do in Barcelona. If you plan on being here two days, there’s no better way to fill your time than joining us for the adventure. In the two days you will see and experience all the best about Barcelona. Its time to immerse yourself in the weekend for a lifetime!

Things kick off on day one at 11am when you will meet for a walking tour lead by an expert guide. Your guide will take you round 2000 years of Barcelona history and explain everything about Catalan culture. You will see all the main sights of the Gothic Quarter, including the cathedral, the castle, the parliament square and many many more. At the end of the tour, join your guide for a drink and they will recommend great activities to go and see in the afternoon. At this point, you pay whatever you think the tour is worth. Anything from nothing to a brand new Ferrari!

Once you have explored in the afternoon, meet back at Travel Bar at 6 o’clock for your Paella Cooking Class. A chef will meet you at the bar before leading you round the Boqueria market. Here they will show you all you need to know about how to buy fresh fish, and they will gather all the ingredients they need for the class ahead.From here you will then be lead to a private kitchen where you will learn how to make tapas, paella and sangria! Cut up all the veg, gut the fish and stir away as you are taught the history of this world famous dish. Enjoy this beautifully cooked dinner and sip at the wonderful sangria before you leave at 9pm to go and dance the night away in the capital of fiesta; Barcelona.

Wake up the next day to the Mediterranean breeze, with a day on the sea lying ahead! You will travel up the coast in the beautiful northern region of Catalonia for a day of kayaking and snorkeling.  After you have been briefed you will set out to sea on your kayaks. The coast line is spectacular! You will paddle beneath the volcanic cliffs and explore all the rocky caves while riding the waves. Then its time to snorkel! Dive on down to see schools of fish, colourful corals, sea urchins and hidden treasures. Paddle back and be treated to a lunch by the sea and an ice cold beer in order to refresh.

Then its back to the city to end the adventure in true Spanish style. Watch the national dance of flamenco, before you are treated to an authentic meal of tapas and sangria. One of our guides will meet you at Travel Bar in the city centre from where you will be lead to a highly recommended flamenco show right in the heart of Barcelona. After, you are then lead to one of the best restaurants in the city for your tapas meal.


This really is the weekend your Barcelona dreams are made of.

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